Saturday, August 14, 2010

At last, I have visited HK. I would say that it will be better ( I think ) if we visited during the winter. Summer in HK may not be the best time to visit to some as it tends to be very humid and very hot. Although we had our land tour packages I was always exhausted every time we come back to our hotel.

Onboard the United Airlines ( my first time ) we arrived in HK around 9am. We needed to stroll around our hotel because our room was not ready yet. I've seen some picture of my friends taken from Spaghetti House restaurant. There may be some historical / interesting fact about it that I don't know so we thought of trying it. Well, for me it was just OK. I tried their black sauce risotto. The black ink of the squid was used as a sauce and I missed this so much. We have the same dish in the philippines only that we mix it along with some noodle. yum!

Now I understand why friends visiting HK are saying that the hotel rooms there are small. Before I was wondering how small a hotel room can be, but now I understand :) but it was rather cute to me. We stayed at Dorsett Far East hotel. I think it is quite far from the city central.

What I find interesting and lovely in HK is its scenery. You will see a hill and on top of that you'll see a building. Very interesting. Some will just make you wonder how did they build them. For sure there's a lot of things to consider when they putting up those buildings. It's really interesting and it's just really great to see. It's like the collaboration of nature and the modern world.

Buildings are like sticks standing next to each other. It was a breathtaking view up in the air. I once uttered during our trip that HK is like the combination of Singapore and Manila. You'll see a very beautiful building standing tall on one side and you'll find some old and untidy buildings on the other. And that for me makes HK very unique.

Another thing that I loved was that it looks like a giant light bulb. Up in the Victoria Peak you will see the entire city. It was a spectacular view. Very romantic and very charming. I kept thinking is it mandatory in HK to not turn off the lights? :) How much does it cost them? But I'll leave those questions behind (if you know anything, feel free to comment :))

Feng Shui is a big thing in HK. i'll leave the research to you on that but if you have time and money, you may want to visit the JW Jewellery for some jewellery shopping of course. It houses specially crafted jewellery to attract good luck, good health, etc. Don't worry, they have some cheap goodies too. :) around 200 HKD for a bracelet (around 26 USD or 35 SGD) not bad yah?

Let me just say this, visiting HK is very easy ( at least for us in Asia ), but if you want to get the best out of your trip, book a package tour. I'm telling you, it will really help you stroll around HK much easily.

Stick around for more of my HK adventure next week :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Singapore - Chong Pang Restaurant

It's amazing to know that there are seafood buffet in Singapore. I personally love the one I recently re-visited (been there for I think 2 times).It's the Chong Pang restaurant. First, i recommend this because it is very cheap! 18 SGD for the seafood/hot pot buffet! They are now located in Turf City ( previously they were at Marina Bay). To go there, just alight at the Toa Pa Yoh MRT station and ride the free shuttle going to Turf City.

Chong Pang not only has raw seafood but they have breads, noodles etc. Oh, one more thing, drinks is free flow! What a deal! I sure will come back!