Saturday, May 29, 2010

Universal Studios Singapore

My vacation is officially over.

Unfortunately, I don't have anything to share to you regarding my Philippine trip as I did not really do anything there. But I promise, next time, I will provide some pictures.

Though I don't have pictures when I was in the Philippines, when I was back in Singapore, me and my family went to Universal Studios. I must say, I really really had a great time. I visited some theme park before but never like this. I liked the Mummy returns ride. I didn't know what it was when me and my nephew entered. It was a long walk going to the ride. I really thought that we are just going to sit there and we will just watch a film and the chair will move as we watch the show. But I was wrong. Really wrong. It was like an indoor battlestar galactica. It was really really fun. And the funniest part was before exiting, I didn't know that we had our pictures taken. The result : my eyes were closed and mouth were wide open.

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